Betting Guides

On this page we will be providing you with a selection of betting guides for you to look over, whether you’re new to the world of online gambling or if you just don’t have the knowledge of a certain area then check out some of the articles that you’ll see below. Each one has been thoroughly researched by our writers and if you have anything else you would like covered then feel free to get in touch and we will take a look.


Online Betting FAQ Below we will be covering a few of the more common questions for anyone who is new to betting online, putting your mind at rest when signing [...]

Betting Odds Explained


Everyone who has never gambled before will be in the same situation, what are betting odds and how on earth do they work? However understanding what they are is one [...]

How to bet online guide


In this article we will be running through the whole process of betting online, off line and at the horse races. The first one that we will be running through [...]

How to bet on horse racing


This is a guide for people who are new to the betting scene, with emphasis on how to easily bet on the horses. Step By Step Guide: How To Bet [...]

How to bet on football


Betting on the Football Football is the biggest sport on Earth, so it makes sense that it is the most popular option for sports betting enthusiasts in the world too. [...]

How to play roulette


Winning when playing roulette is not down to a specific system or formula, it is of course down to pure luck. This means if you are trying to find or [...]

How to play blackjack


Blackjack is one of the most popular games in a casino and has been for a long time, it is now one of the most popular to play online. You [...]

How to play bingo


The game of Bingo is as old a game as I can remember. Played in Bingo halls in the past it has made its way onto the world of online [...]

Each Way Betting Explained


Placing a win bet is the easiest bet to make when betting on the horses however this isnt the only bet you can make, you can actually bet each-way which [...]

Horse Racing Bet Types


On this betting guide we will be taking a look at the various terminology used to describe the types of bets that are available. Trixie Bet A trixie is a [...]

Betting Offers


In the world of sports betting, Australian bookmakers are quick to promote free bets as a way to draw new customers and keep the existing ones happy. However, one has [...]



For punters from the U.K to Australia choosing the right online bookmaker should be based on several factors including bonuses and the best free bets being offered. While the respective [...]

Euro 2016 betting guide


We’ve all been there, a big International Football Tournament coming up in the summer and the excitement starts building up and down the country in the hope that their team [...]

score cast and win cast betting guide


Scorecast and wincast betting have been a popular type of betting for a long long time. It was introduced at the time of the first betting shops and have transferred [...]

Accumulator Betting Guide


Accumulators are massively popular these days especially when betting on the football. There always seems to be about 10 or 12 teams that you think are absolute ‘bankers’ and stick [...]

Asian Handicap Betting


Asian Handicap betting is relatively new to the UK and Europe with it originating out of, you guessed it, Asia. are probably the biggest advocates of Asian Handicap betting [...]

Over/Under Betting


Over/Under bets are becoming increasingly popular recently despite having been around for a long time however, the introduction of online gambling has significantly increased the options available and revolutionised how [...]

Both Teams To Score


Nearly every bookmaker worth its salt these days has specialised betting coupons based purely on that idea that both teams will score at least 1 goal in any football game [...]

Spread Betting Guide Football


Spread betting has been used in casinos and financial markets for a long time but it is starting to creep into football betting and is becoming increasingly popular with the [...]

Winning Streak


Without a doubt the stars of sports today have been defined by their ability to consistently win games, jut think of Floyd Mayweather a man who is yet to be [...]

Survivorship Bias


There are plenty of gamblers out there who would rather use a tipster then make their own choices, however like betting it is sometimes difficult to work out who would [...]

Hale Effect


A lot of people will place bets using their intuition, relying completely one what they think they know or feel about a player or a team. Intuition is a great [...]

Betting Margins Explained


Betting Margin’s and Best Odds Basically a margin is generally known as either the betting over-round or the market percentage and is the amount that is over 100%. Using a [...]

Arbitrage Betting


In this article we will be running through what arbitrage betting is and how you can use it to make some serious cash from the bookmakers. Arbitrage betting guarantees a [...]

Basketball Betting Guide


Basketball is a very fast paced end to end game that offers bettors a much more exciting alternative from stop and start sports. Given that this isn’t as popular in [...]

Betting Offers


When a bettor wants to sign up to a new bookmaker the one factor that stands out the most is what free bets are on offer. But are free bets [...]

how to make a betting model


In this article we’re going to run through how you at home can build your very own betting model that can help you while betting both on and offline. Now [...]

Roulette Betting Strategy


Understanding the rules and how you should play roulette will result in you giving yourself the best chance to win at the tables. Roulette is a game that appears to [...]

How to play blackjack


Here at Best Betting Websites we don’t just focus on sports betting, below you will find a quick guide on what kind of strategy you need to implement when playing Blackjack: [...]

Accumulator Betting Guide


It has always been the case that it is actually the amount you stake is more vital factor than what you choose to bet on. So with this in mind [...]

Handicap Betting Guide


Usually betting on the favourites offers very little in returns even for the larger stakes thats why you should take a look at the handicap betting market. Below we will [...]

The Effects Of Weather On Betting


There are plenty of variables to consider when placing a bet, the current form, their previous record against the opposition, the team that has been put out, are their any [...]

Kelly Criterion Betting Model


Gaining the mathematic edge in gambling is one of the only ways that you can gain an edge over the bookmakers, in this article will we give you an overview/how [...]

Betting on the draw


What Is The Fibonacci Strategy The Fibonacci betting system is quite basic in essence, all you need to do is bet on a draw on a match and if you [...]

Over Under Betting Markets


To be successful at betting on football you need to be able to predict the outcome of a game, and given that this sport has much more variables in it [...]

Value Betting


Value Betting, What Is It? This is probably one of the best ways to turn a profit while gambling, basically a value bet is a selection where the chances of [...]

Spread Betting


Spread betting has grown in popularity over recent years and its easy to see why, it is much more exciting to take part in than generic fixed odds style betting. [...]

Betfair Logo


A betting exchange is another side to the online betting world as both customers and bookies can take a profit from this which means everyone is a winner. The difference [...]



In-play betting has quickly grown since its inclusion over recent years, while it shares some similarities with typical outright betting it does differ in what guidelines surround it that you [...]

Transfer Market Betting


The transfer market occurs twice a year in the UK once in summer time and the other around christmas, this is when teams have the chance to sell/trade players in [...]

goals scored market


One of the best things about online gambling is the endless amounts of new ways you can place a bet and one of our favourites is by betting on the [...]

Both Teams To score Betting


Both teams to score is one of the quickest growing betting markets around, thanks to companies like Betfred who have based certain promotions around the both teams to score markets [...]

Should you cash out


The Cash Out function is particularly new on the scene, it gives you chance to be able to cancel your bet early and cash out on any winnings that you [...]

Accumulator Betting


Its common knowledge that placing singles will give you a much better chance at making any money in the long run betting, however there are a large portion of bettors [...]