From Kenya? Check out these selection of Kenyan Betting Sites

While us at may be focussed solely on the UK market we do have a sister site which  is dedicated to which betting sites in Kenya that they can sign up to. While the Kenyan online betting market isn’t as widespread as the UK one they are growing at a rapid rate with more sites popping up every year trying to sign up as new customers as possible which is why its important to know which ones are reliable and which ones aren’t.

Unfortunately what you will notice is the sites that are dedicated solely to Kenyan customers only are not as slick as the ones that we have here in the UK so don’t expect the same kind of betting, in fact a lot of these sites will only accept deposit via a mobile phone with sometimes you needing to process payments by sending the money to a personal phone number which sounds pretty dodgy to me. There are certain brands  from the UK market who have taken the dive into Kenya, in fact one of these is who have recently only just begun setting up their own kenyan betting website. This is a clear indication that online betting in Kenya isn’t going anywhere and in fact they’re going to have a lot more of the big named brands moving into their country soon so keep your eyes open.

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