When choosing a betting site to go with, it is always important for players to know exactly what options there are out there and what to expect from each site. There is a lot of sports and betting lines that are offered to players and there are also things to consider such as customer service and the types of betting deposit options. These options help players in deciding something very important, especially when it comes to which sites they will be able to use.

Of course, there are many different options out there when it comes to deposit methods, most of which will depend on where a player is located. The options that are available to players can include the major credit cards (Master Card, Visa and Discover) and they also include some of the top of the line electronic payment types and bank/money transfer options. The hope is that with this article, players will have a better understanding of the different types of betting deposit options out there.

Credit Cards

Credit Cards are quickly becoming a very popular method of payment across the globe. Many sites, businesses and even people who work from home are now accepting credit cards. This is the reason for many betting sites allowing their players to use them for their deposits.


Being one of the newer types of options in the betting world, BitCoin may still be a very hard option to find when it comes to betting deposit options. However, there are betting sites out there that are now allowing their players to use it for deposits. The reason behind it not being an available option for players until recently is because it technically did not become into existence until 2009.

American Express

Everyone has probably seen an American Express commercial at least once in their lifetime. That is because they are a very famous card company. That is probably the reason why a lot of the betting sites online list it as an available option for making deposits.

Bank Wire Transfers

When people think of bank wire transfers, they probably think of the rich and famous or the old-time movies. However, it is still a very common form of payment that is safe and simple. Most betting sites will offer players the opportunity to use this option of deposit.

Diners Club Card

Now, players probably don’t think of their Diners Club Card as being as amazing as it is, but it actually can be used online to pay for a lot of things. One of the options available to Diners Club Card owners is betting sites, where they can use their card as one of their betting deposit options.


For those who don’t know about PayPal, it is pretty much the easiest and safest way to pay for and get paid for anything these days. This payment option is used by over 203 million people around the world. Of course, that means that a lot of betting sites offer this as an option for deposits.


Though Neteller is a great option for receiving and sending payments, they are not able to offer their clients in the United States cards yet. They are however able to offer those in the United States an account to receive and send payments. The clients in the U.S. will have to transfer their money from their Neteller account to a bank account in order to receive it. However, the good news is that the transfer usually only takes 1 day. Neteller is an option available through many betting sites as a form of paying deposits.


It is not uncommon for people to have checking accounts, however, most businesses have said no to cheques for a while now. The good news is that cheques are making a comeback in the online world. This means that players will notice that they are able to use them for their betting deposit options.


Though most have probably not even heard of this form of payment, Instadebit is one of the many ways that players can make deposits with their betting site online. Basically, this is an eWallet type of service that gives their clients the option of transferring their money from their bank account and to it without them having to worry about others getting their account numbers and information of theirs that is supposed to stay private.

Money Order

Pretty much everyone has heard of Money Orders. They are a form of payment where an individual goes into a store or their bank, gives the store clerk or the bank teller the amount of money they wish to be on the Money Order and the teller or clerk will put that amount on there with the name of the individual or company that it is intended for being on the money order.

Money Orders are a great way of paying people or getting paid because they can be tracked online or through the location they were bought, so there is proof that the individual or company have received the money. Not too many betting sites allow players to use Money Orders for deposits, but some do.


MasterCard is another one of those card companies that has become extremely popular in every sense of the word. That is why they are able to advertise so much. Many betting sites allow their players to use this card as one of their betting deposit options.


Like many of the other options listed in this article, MoneyGram is a pretty popular way of getting paid and paying. They are similar to the company known as Western Union. Players can go to many different betting sites and they will find that the MoneyGram is a very normal option when it comes to ways to make deposits.

Western Union

This company competes with many different companies but has made a big name for themselves for being one of the best money transfer companies around. That is probably why they are on the betting deposit options of most betting sites.