For players who are looking to have some fun with betting sites, it is very important to know where the best sites are and the options available with those sites. This article is for players that are trying to find betting sites that allow cash out. The cash out feature has also been referred to by players and betting sites as the cash in feature (which can be confusing). This feature basically allows players to ask for a return (one that can be either positive or negative) before the betting event or betting events have officially finished.

However, there are some other things that players should keep in mind when they look for sites that offer this feature. It is normal for a betting site to not allow a player to cash out when they are currently using their sign-up bonus or their free bets (this is a safety feature setup by the betting sites in order to make sure that players do not just use their site to get the free bonus money). Betting sites are also known for not allowing players to use the cash out feature when they are using price boosts or enhanced multiples.


For those interested in learning the origins of the Cash Out feature, this piece of information should be interesting. The whole, “betting sites that allow cash out” started with BetFair. They are now mostly known for that feature, meaning that most of their players told them that they signed up just because of that feature. In the year of 2015, they reported that they had more than 20 million cash outs that had been done throughout the time that they had begun to use the feature.


The Bet365 betting site has also become known for doing a first in the betting world. They were the first betting site to come up with a partial cash out feature used in their betting platform for sports. This feature has allowed players to cash out on just a portion of the money that is actively being bet but still leaves them with a certain amount of cash to use for betting at the moment. Using this cash out feature, players are able to see available possible returns and remaining stake, which can be seen being displayed on their cash out button. The cash out button for this feature is the location where the players are able to decide what amount of their bet they wish to cash out.

Paddy Power

As far as betting sites that allow cash out go, Paddy Power is certainly ranked as a number one in the most interesting names category. This betting site allows the players to cash out on events that are dubbed as being main sports events. The site is set up so that players are able to easily tell which markets they are able to cash out on. Their site is now able to offer the players cash out on many different bets all over their sports platform. The transfer of the money when the player hits the cash out button is very quick, only takes a few seconds usually to hit their account. A player can actually cash out in a couple of different ways with this betting site. One of the options for the feature is to push the ‘my account’ button and then pushing the cash out button. Another way is to push the cash out button that is placed on the sidebar to the left of the screen.


The betting site known as SkyBet has just recently started offering a cash out feature that goes with bets for the football markets and also for the players of theirs that are using their mobile devices to play. They have it set to be a service that goes along with the tracker service that they are able to offer their players. With the tracker, their players are able to use the cash out feature, get the bet status and the match status.


There are certainly a lot of interesting names in the online betting industry and Coral certainly does come to mind when thinking of the names that fit into that category. They offer their players a cash out feature for their football matches (which is meant for the match result market only), for those that are listed as singles and those that are listed as accumulators. Players are also able to use the feature for pre-match or to play single bets that are considered to be multiples during any time after the bet has been placed. If a player notices that their cash out offer has changed from orange to gold, it means that their bet is marked as being in profit.


Being one of the betting sites that allows cash out, it is weird that Unibet only offers their cash out feature for single live bets. This means that players cannot rely on the accumulators for the cash out feature.

William Hill

William Hill has been around for a good amount of time. They are a pretty well-known betting site that offers the cash out feature and call it the cash in my bet feature. Their little feature is available for football bets (this feature is available to the match betting markets and the markets that are in-play), tennis bets and darts bets.

All of the markets that are considered to be Outright do not currently have the cash out feature. In order for a player to access their cash out bets through the William Hill betting site they only have to find their bets that are considered to be open or unsettled and then the player will see the cash out button that will come with the amount that is currently set for the cash out price. They are a pretty good site to go to when it comes to betting sites that allow cash out.