This article will help cricket lovers to find the best Cricket betting sites around. Cricket is a favourite game among many and is actually a sport that began in the late 16th century, for those players that are not history buffs. It originated in South-East England and then later in the 18th century became known for being the national sport of England. Finally, during the 19th and 20th centuries, Cricket became known all around the world as an amazing game. Now, players can have all the fun of betting on Cricket games without even leaving home if they don’t want to, thanks to betting sites.


For those that don’t know, Bet365 is a favourite among fans of every sport when it comes to betting. Actually, it is the birthplace of betting on Cricket online. With their site having the biggest array of markets available, it is no wonder that they are said to have the greatest odds out there. Of course, they are famously known for their very large bonuses for new customers, which matches their deposits by 100% up to a certain value. Their site wanted to keep up with their reputation of course for offering betting options for all sports, so they had to add Cricket in, and it was a great thing to do. Players are now able to bet on a wide variety of Cricket matches, Championships and events.

Of course, the players do get pretty competitive over who will win, but it’s all in good fun. Bet365 is pretty amazing when it comes to helping their Cricket fans out. They allow them to bet on big events that are a long time away, sometimes years away from happening. Of course, players are offered in-play options, which is great news for players interested in this sport.

Bet Victor

To most, Bet Victor is well known for their markets with football that are offer high value. However, it is also one of the best Cricket betting sites, especially for those players that are looking to bet on both of sports. Of course, that is not to say that Cricket does not hold a good value all on its own when it comes to betting and winning. There are many markets for Cricket that covers a wide variety of events at competitive prices. This also includes action that can be seen in the big competitions like the Indian Premier League. For that competition, players are able to get the odds for a lot of different outcomes, even on things like the total runs of Kevin Pietersen.

Of course, there is also an interesting betting option for in-play with their site that has a raft full of statistics that are able to be used by players, in order to ensure that players are able to place bets on the right things. Bet Victor is actually pretty well-known from when they were one of the first of bookies to allow players to do live in-play betting on Cricket. Also, they offer a bonus so that new players are able to earn a £30 free bet just for opening an account.


For players everywhere, Betfair is known for being the world’s largest betting exchange. This means that they offer plenty of Cricket markets for those looking for Cricket betting sites to just dive right into. Also, they offer Cricket bettors a lot of in-play markets where they will be able to see most of the action happening. As of right now, they are letting players get a hold of £30 in free bets when they place a £10 initial bet. Of course, every good thing must come to an end, so this will only happen three times. Also, players will find it very easy to find events to bet on and even a large amount of the bigger events too.

Because of the fact that Betfair is known for being a betting exchange, players will also notice that they get the chance to lay their bet, which basically allows the players to put themselves into the shoes of the bookie and predict something will not go on. This is the main reason for their site seeming so tempting for those on the lookout for sites to bet on the game of Cricket.

Paddy Power

Paddy Power is currently offering customers the chance to witness one of the most complete Cricket betting experiences available online. Being one of the great betting sites, they offer live streaming and markets that are very wide, the site also offers players the chance to earn specials that are specific only to Cricket, making them a very tempting option.

As of now, they are offering their Cricket customers their money back if their side scores 170 runs or more than that, however, they are always changing their specials, so make sure to check on it to see what they are currently offering their customers for Cricket games. Right now, they have £30 free bets for their new customers who place a £10 bet that qualifies for the promotion. Along with great promotions, they also offer in-play options that are interesting to read about and also use.


Coral have been a mainstay of the UK betting industry for good while now. Of course, they are living up to their big reputation by letting their players get a chance to bet on Cricket games. A lot of the major events happening in the world of Cricket are being covered on this site.

One of the many good things to know about Coral is that they have one of the biggest and best live options out there for Cricket in the UK, especially when they give their customers their facts and figures which equal out to a lot of money for the players. That is why they are such a great candidate when choosing which Cricket betting sites to use.