For those who love watching Darts and betting on games, now there is a better alternative to rooms filled with smoke, drunken players and players of the game screaming out random profanities. During the last couple of decades, Darts has actually become a respectable professional type of sport. Thanks to sponsorship money, revenue from the television and the PDC split from the BDO, Darts has made an amazing comeback. Now players actually have their own shirts, fans and songs. Players that are at the top of their game are actually able to earn seven figures very easily even with tournaments now highly competitive.

With there being two World Championships and many different yearly tournaments coming out of both formats of the game, there is a lot to be bet on. Which is why there have been many people flocking toward darts online betting sites.


BetVictor has been said by many players to be one of the best sites for betting on Darts games. This is mostly based on the fact that they are a site that has a large number of markets and better odds that go with them. BetVictor actually does regularly cover more Darts games than most betting sites. They certainly know how to take their Darts seriously, being that they are repeat sponsors for Darts tournaments, like the World Matchplay.

With BetVictor, not only do they have odds that are highly competitive, but there are outright lines that are available, at least up to a whole year ahead of time. This certainly is true for all of the competitions, including the BDO Ladies World Championship, even though streaming is not an option for players. However, players are able to watch the matches on TV, making the in play feature a dream come true, being that a player is able to bet on Darts using their desktop and mobile device. They certainly do offer more betting lines for Darts and live betting for it than any other bookie has ever been able to.


Bet365 has all the bases covered when it comes to being a part of all of the bigger Dart matches. The markets are available for use way ahead of time with the outright lines, going months ahead. The most attractive part about it is the live streaming that they have available for the matches. Darts does make a really amazing sport for live betting. Games are only last a certain amount of time and the offer lines like the highest score, to get 180, the winning margin, the highest check out is possible plus more.

While players are watching the live games and betting at the exact same time it can add a great amount of amusement to the game. Bet365 is certainly a keeper for the list of Darts betting sites. The maximum payout for Darts is great also, being at £250k for BDO, Premier League matches and PDC.

William Hill

Being that William Hill are the sponsors for the PDC World Darts Championship, they have odds that are sort of competitive. The depth is certainly starting to crack and they are able to give their player’s lines similar to 9 dart finishes and also giving them tournament 170 checkout way ahead of time, whereas most of the bookies would have just offered the player the outright winner lines. Players certainly wouldn’t want to miss out on this, live streaming of the events being sponsored by William Hill. For players that wish to stay ahead of the game and want to keep winning money, they are able to read up about their bets in advance. The payout limits are even very high at £250k for Darts betting sites.


Betfair is one of the most reliable bookies when it comes to Darts offers and the bigger tournaments. Most people see the Betfair sportsbook as being one of the greatest around for the regular offers, except in the case of any money back promos or any of those beloved free bets. For example, if a player were to reach the maximum checkout. The separate odds lines are actually normal with the depth of the market, but they are certainly not the best that players would be able to find. Players have to visit the site first though in order to go through their promos to get the money back because of a special deal made that can make the difference in the value put on the bets. The statistics and news features that they have available are certainly worth a second look in order to get some information on what to do and the maximum payout is pretty good at £100k.


When people review Titanbet, they mostly talk about how their Darts promos and deals are always so amazing and how they are different from the normal deals and promos usually found on other sites when it comes to Darts. The offers are not the types of offers where you have to give an arm and a leg either just to get money back. Every time that there is a big Darts game going on, there have been offers and they are interesting, always changing too. There are offers such as money back if it is a draw and money back if the players notice that it has become a 9 dart finish. For those that are used to betting on Darts as a daily normal thing, Titanbet can really add some more excitement to the whole experience. That means that players can have a

lot of fun while they are waiting to see if they are going to win big this time around, so Titanbet is a perfect fit for the great Darts betting sites list.