Many players know that Greyhound racing has always gone hand-in-hand with betting. Betting is the main reason for Greyhound racing still existing. People over the years have found that betting on the Greyhound races online is very easy to do, thanks to the simpleness of the sport. Each of the wagers for a race will relate to the predicting order in terms of the dogs that are crossing the finishing line. It can be hard for players to find good Greyhound betting sites, so here are some of our suggestions:

William Hill

It should be no surprise to players that William Hill is known for being the number one place for betting on Greyhound races and events. William Hill has built a good reputation for themselves because of their markets and odds being so great for those who are in love with betting on Greyhound races.

William Hill offers their players odds coming from the biggest races for in Greyhound racing all around the world, even Hove, Romford, Henlow, and Sheffield. What does this mean for the players of William Hill? This means that their players will always be able to find a race that looks great and the paydays will always be coming. There is no doubt that William Hill has their heart set on being one of the most trusted bookies in the world for Greyhound betting.

The players that decide to sign-up with William Hill will get a generous welcome bonus, but their bonus is smaller than that of some of the other betting sites.


Like William Hill, BetVictor is an amazing site to go with for betting on Greyhound events and races. They really are one of the Greyhound betting sites worth checking out. They have the same fantastic odds and markets that make them a great second to William Hill. Their site only comes in at second place because of they are not quite as old as William Hill. They are certainly great when it comes to managing the Greyhounds section of their site in a very intelligent way. Players are able to come to the BetVictor site and find the races they want and the odds that they have available for every dog. They are also able to provide their players with amazing combos that players usually refer to as the “Trap Challenge”. With these combos, the players are able to test their luck and make big wins.


The Bet365 site is actually known for being one of the biggest bookmakers out there. No list of betting sites would be complete without Bet365. In terms of Greyhound racing, they do provide

their players with lots of markets. It is actually a well-known fact that they have all of the races that are known to the UK and also have an informative virtual race calendar. They have that for their players just in case they are not willing to wait for the next race to begin.

Bet365 also gives their players many races from abroad, even though these races are not able to happen as much as the ones that go on in the UK, it is a great thing that they are showing their appreciation for a sport that is not in their homeland. They are also home to one of the largest welcome bonuses around, which can go up to £200.

Things to Consider When Finding Greyhound Betting Sites

Customer Support

Even if players do not realise it, there is a lot more to customer support than just answering questions. Any Greyhound betting sites are able to give answers to basic questions. The way to tell when a site has good customer support is by looking at how they handle disputes and complaints that are legitimate. An example of a situation that can determine a good bookie is if a player were writing to customer support in order to say that they felt that the bookie was unfair when they cancelled their wager at the last minute. Now, if customer support takes this seriously and looks into the matter, then the player knows that the site has a good customer support team. However, if the customer support team just blows them off then they are obviously not one of the best betting sites.

Options for Banking

Every player knows that the first step in dealing with a betting site is depositing money. The last step is going to be withdrawing the money. That is why it is important to know the options that are available for banking when it comes to Greyhound betting sites. If a betting site is looking out for the interests of their players, they will make sure that the process is easy and simple for them. This means that the sites that are the best for betting with are the ones that have methods for depositing that are simple to use, being both fast and free. They should also always make sure that the players have many different options at hand when it comes to depositing methods.

However, it is the withdrawal method that should be the most important, with cashouts being easy to do. Many players who have left bad reviews for betting sites all agree that the worst part of the process is receiving a payout in a slow manner. No one wants to deal with a site that frustrates them every time they decide to make a withdrawal. Even though it may seem like every betting site would just automatically have a simple withdrawal and deposit method that is

not always the case. So players must make sure to read up on reviews of certain sites in order to ensure that they are not going to use a betting site that has horrible systems for both withdrawing and depositing, which is why these lists are created, so that players are able to find the best sites for all of their betting needs.