For those that are not familiar with Instadebit, it is similar to PayPal and Neteller. One of the ways that it is similar to the two is because of it being an e-commerce site that plays the part of the middleman for the customers and merchants. One of the great things about the site is that it has a very fast setup process, and it can also provide protection for customers and merchants when it comes to transactions made online. Basically, InstaDebit is trying to make the online world better through safer transactions financially.

Even though InstaDebit has a history of having much popularity in terms of the online sports universe, now it has become an underdog to their competitors. There are still some pretty great InstaDebit betting sites out there, but they can be hard to find. This article was created in order to make sure that every player would be able to get matched to the perfect site that would suit all of their InstaDebit betting needs.


Bet365 has for a long time now been known for being one of the best sites for betting around the world. Players will probably be able to see that there are more than 30 sports sections within the site that are covering some of the most major sporting events around the world. Odds are offered on many different sports, such as football, UFC, American Football, Cricket, Cycling, Badminton, Handball, Ice Hockey, F1, NASCAR, Skiing, etc.

As of right now, they are able to offer their players more than enough sports to bet on. They do have some pretty out there sports on offer and they are probably the only bookmakers that give their players the option of betting on every sport out there. The most popular sports that they have for players to bet on are Horse Racing, Football, Tennis, and Cricket.

Players will find that all of the sports for the site are listed on the left side of the site. They even have a neat interactive platform that is new and improved which allows players to make fast decisions when it comes to pulling up their odds for any number of sports. This newer platform is actually able to have the load times for each market being less than that of 3 seconds.

William Hill

At this moment in time, William Hill is the UK’s bookmaker and they are also known for being one of the largest names known around the world. For them, the large amounts of exposure equal out to the fact that they are able to give to their players a larger variety of markets to keep their players happy and content.

Pool, rugby league, rugby union, snooker, UFC and Darts, football, American football, athletics, greyhounds, handball, horse racing, ice hockey, motor racing, motorbike racing are all available on their site. They even currently have a special section that is specifically dedicated to the Olympics.

For many players, it is very easy to see that their site is known for having one of the biggest selections throughout the markets that are out there right now. For players, that means that this site is a great one to look at in terms of finding many sports to choose from. They are also currently able to provide players with many different bets for every single event out there.

Paddy Power

Being one of the premiere sites for betting when it comes to InstaDebit, players should not take it as a surprise when they find out that Paddy Power is able to give their players many different betting options to choose from. For players who love betting on Cricket, there are loads of matches to bet on, even the international ones. Also, there are many Football games to bet on.

As of right now, Paddy Power is able to offer betting options on Basketball, beach soccer, beach volleyball, American football, football, GAA, golf, greyhounds, handball, American football, athletics, rugby union, snooker, tennis, MMA, Baseball, etc. They also offer markets for other things like television and politics.

As many players are able to quite clearly view, this list is pretty long and players will be able to bet on pretty much any sport that they wish to bet on. So, for those who are the types to want one site to go to for all of their betting needs, Paddy Power is probably worth checking out when it comes to InstaDebit betting sites. They are also currently offering in-play betting for many of their players.


Players know that for a betting site to be a pretty well-known site, they must be the holders of a player base that is quite big. This actually means that Coral has to give players many different markets in order to keep all of them happy, which is great for everyone involved.

Players that are interested in betting using Coral are able to bet on Horseracing, ice hockey, Olympic sports, American football, bandy, futsal, golf, greyhounds, handball, rugby league, rugby union, snooker, tennis, basketball, boxing, cricket, football, formula one, etc.

Of course, just like the last InstaDebit betting sites that were listed in this article, there are a lot of sports that have been listed. Players might notice that with Football, they are able to pick from many different leagues from all over the globe and even in boxing, the many different weights have already been covered. Coral also has bets that are going on for many other things that aren’t on the list, such as television and politics, which is actually a great way to bet for those

players that love to make the more weird or wonderful bets. Politics and television are actually pretty uncommon for placing bets on, so make sure to check this site out when looking for some great InstaDebit betting sites.