It is certainly hard these days to sort through all of the Moneybookers betting sites in order to find the good ones. However, this article was created with the purpose in mind of ridding players of the hassle involved with finding betting sites that allow the use of Moneybookers. This article includes the much-needed information on the best betting sites on the topic at hand.

For players that do not know, Moneybookers is a type of site that players commonly use to fund their accounts with betting sites. Customers of Moneybookers are also able to take out their winnings that they have stored with their accounts with different bookmakers. In this article, the topic will be based on betting websites that do accept Moneybookers as a payment method.


Of course, Bet365 comes at the top of the list for Moneybookers betting sites. They are a site that allows their customers to make deposits from as low as £5 to as high as £7k. Their customers are also able to withdraw as low as £5 to as high as £7k, without having to worry about charges. However, it does take around 24 hours to process transactions. Players who deposit money using Moneybookers are able to qualify for the Bet365 welcome bonus. Withdrawals will usually take around 1 to 3 days.

Players that decide to deposit using Maestro with Bet365 also qualify for the welcome bonus of 100% going up to £200. However, players must make a deposit of £10 to £200 in order to qualify for the bonus.


For some players, it is probably pretty obvious why BetVictor would come in second place when it comes to the best Moneybookers betting sites. The lowest amount that players are able to deposit into their account on BetVictor is £5 and there is no maximum amount. However, it is the other way around when it comes to withdrawals. Players are able to withdraw no more than £8k, but there is no minimum amount able to be withdrawn. Players that do have an account with Moneybookers are able to make use of the free bet offer, the mobile betting app and live betting services are free to them as well. Players are able to become a member of BetVictor and get £25 free as a welcome bonus.

888 Sport

When it comes to 888 Sport, it should come as no surprise that they have been picked third on the list of the best Moneybookers betting sites. For this site, players are able to deposit as low as £10 and there is no amount set for being the maximum. For players, 888 Sport is pretty great because of their free mobile betting application that players are able to use along with their Moneybookers deposit if they have made one. Players will probably notice that their withdrawals will take around 3 business days to transfer, but they are free. For players of 888 Sport, there is a welcome bonus of £15 and for the players that are interested in the mobile app, there is an additional bonus of £5.

The Safety of Money Put into Accounts with Moneybookers

Moneybookers came into existence in 2002 and since then has built up their customer base to over 18 million customers having accounts. Currently, they are based in London. Because of all of this information, they are seen as being a very popular pick for players that love Moneybookers betting sites. They are a type of e-commerce company which lets customers do money transfers and make payments online and it serves the purpose of being an alternative method of payment.

Security is very important to those that run Moneybookers and their service makes use of the newest 256-bit encryption technology available and many other tools in order to make

sure that their client’s information stays safe. Customers of Moneybookers should know that it does not take cash deposits and the only way that they are able to use their account is through the homepage. Customers must have their account fully verified in order to have any funds be released.

Customers of Moneybookers that are considered to be VIP members are able to get an added layer of security using a security token that is free. This “token” is a portable key fob for customers, which gives them a better amount of security by giving them a new passcode for each login. Players should be happy to know that Moneybookers is currently verified and also certified through the US based company Symantec under a brand of VeriSign. It is always a good thing for players to use a payment site that is very secure. Players are never able to be secure enough when it comes to making payments with betting sites online. That is why players looking into Moneybookers betting sites should rest easy knowing that they are a super secure site to use as a payment method. Also, they are a great alternative to payment methods such as PayPal and Neteller.