When players think of betting on sports, the last sport they probably think of being able to bet on is Snooker. However, players are now able to do that, thanks to the wonderful world of online betting and innovation. Even though Snooker might not be one of the most famous sports out there, it is a fun sport to watch and bet on. There may not be popularity on the side of this interesting sport, but there is money on its side, and who knows, maybe it will become the next Football for America. This article is intended to help players in finding the perfect betting sites for them.

Even though it may not seem to rock the rest of the world, Snooker is actually one of the most watched sports on TV in the UK. Most of the watchers of this sport are very interested in seeing the skill and precision of those that are the top players of the game. During the more recent years, those who have watched Snooker have started to notice that the quality of those that play in Snooker has come quite far and those that play in it are starting to reach heights not seen before. The likes of Mark Selby, Mark Williams, Neil Robertson and John Higgins and are now the biggest stars of the game. Now that the game is getting bigger, the bets are too, which is great for those who love betting on sports, those who love watching Snooker and those who love both of those. There are so many great sites to choose from to bet on Snooker, but there are a few that stand out.


Bet365 is almost always what first comes to mind when placing bets on any sport. Though Snooker may seem like it would not be popular enough yet for a site like Bet365, it is included on there, and actually, has a pretty good range of events to bet on. For every sport, no matter if it’s popular or not, Bet365 always offers players a really great experience that they never seem to forget, which is probably why they get so many great reviews. Of course, they include betting options for all of the major Snooker tournaments and there are always markets that are available for the outright tournament winner.

Because they are a site that loves to make everything go well, they of course made certain that players were able to make multiple bets for every game, even in-play, and have a free live streaming service that allows players to view Snooker games, even some that aren’t shown to those that are just watching it on the television. Even though players won’t be able to find match specific offers, there is a lot that they have included to make betting fun. They even have a free mobile app for players that are interested. Of course, they have their normal bonus for the newcomers and they have promotions and many more offers, which is why they are a great option for those that are looking for the perfect Snooker betting site.

Bet Victor

Bet Victor is loved for many different reasons and they are able to offer their players just as many markets as Bet365. However, they are not able to offer Snooker bettors the option of live streaming, so they are poorer a site to use when trying to find the perfect site for betting on Snooker games. However, it is more so often true that the odds for Bet Victor are better for players than for those who choose to play with Bet365. Even if that is true though, it still seems like a very important part of the betting process is getting to watch the matches for free and live, especially for those players that are deciding to place bets on those matches.

Bet Victor really does offer some great odds and they offer some different options that are not available through Bet365, it really seems like they are both equal but have their ups and downs when it comes to deciding which is best for using to bet on Snooker. For Bet Victor, they treat all tournaments the same, before they start, players will start to notice different options starting to pop up all over the site. Even though long-term options are not exactly good for the game, the players that are looking to find some great short term bets will find all that they need when they are searching through the Bet Victor markets. All of the players who end up using Bet Victor will notice that they are able to get a pretty decent welcome bonus that is meant for those that are new to the site whenever they decide to make their first deposit with them.

William Hill

Another great site for those looking for perfect Snooker betting sites is William Hill. They are able to give to their players a good amount of market. However, they are not the best when it comes to the odds favouring the players. Even though that is true, they do allow their players to use live streaming. They might not have as many live shows as Bet365, but they do give their players some good bonuses and promotions.

The markets of William Hill go above and beyond, especially when it comes down to the events that are on the television. Players are able to back the markets, by doing things like using the first person to win a frame, having the accurate score for the four frames and the end of it, having or not having the handicaps. Also, they have markets that are available for the bigger events for Snooker and the players are able to view the odds to do with the minor tournaments during the times that they are coming into play.