It might be hard for some to believe, but Tennis is actually becoming one of the most popular sports there is to bet on in the world, meaning that there is obviously a lot of money to be made from it. This means some good news for the punters, thanks to the bookmakers becoming aware of the rising in its betting popularity. This means that the bookmakers are upping the games, meaning more money is able to be won from every game. The fact that there has been a rise in bets and more competitiveness shown when it comes to tennis means that the bookies will be needing to give bigger and greater promotions in order to ensure that their customer base stays strong. This can only end in a good story for those betting. This article is meant to inform players of the options out there for great Tennis betting sites.


Bet365 is seen as one of the best sites to go to when it comes to placing bets and risking it all. The biggest reason for their fame is how well they treat their players. They offer their players a welcome bonus that can be very high, in play betting, live streaming and an accumulator bonus promotion. The first thing that players will need to do to witness the amazing sensation of betting on tennis games is open up an account with their site. After a player opens their account, they will receive a bonus that matches whatever they put in, up to a certain point.

The Acca bonus is pretty interesting also. It allows players to be rewarded when they place an acca of two or more legs. They reward the player by increasing their winnings by a lot. There is no other bookmaker that will allow players to obtain offers such as this one when it comes to betting on Tennis, which is why they are a great option to go with when choosing the right betting sites for you.

For a player to be considered eligible, all they have to do is set the game as “to win the match, “set winner betting”, “winner of the first set” acca of two or more of the options that go with any WTA, Challenger Tour match or ATP and they will be able to win bonuses that are really amazing. Of course, as if Bet365 wasn’t amazing enough, they also allow their players the ability to watch the matches via live streaming. This means that players are able to place their bets and cheer their favourite on or cash out when they feel it is time to do so. They offer players the chance to live stream the games on all of the Masters 1000, Grand Slam and events that are ranking, giving the players an extra rush knowing that they might just be about to win big.

Paddy Power

There are a lot of players who say that they are in love with Paddy Power. It is easy to see why, with the fact that they do offer players generous promotions, bets that are free and specials to

get money back. Players that are new to Paddy Power are able to earn £30 in free bets. All they have to do to get it is deposit their first £10. This is a great opportunity for newcomers, giving them the chance to make their money stretch further than normal. Their betting site is pretty well-known for their generosity when it comes to their specials for giving money back. They give their players many different situations in which they are able to make sure that the player receives a refund for losing certain bets. This is a really great special for the Grand Slam when all of the attention has become more focused on Tennis games.

Like with Bet365, players are able to view live streams of the games in order to have fun cheering on the players they have backed.


Betfair is pretty amazing. They offer a lot of the same options as Bet365, such as live streaming of the Tennis games, generous money back offers and promotions offering free bets, betting for in-play and also cash out selections. In fact, they are so similar, one might wonder if they were competing? Anyway, they also offer anything that a player could possibly need or want as a bettor, and in their exchange platforms, they offer their more advanced players the chance to take on or lay their bets against the other players for a more interesting system of earning some extra money. Of course, they are pretty hard to beat when it comes to their specials on money back and Tennis promotions, making the game even better for those who love betting on Tennis.

William Hill

William Hill is yet another bookie that just wants to make every Tennis bettor fall in love with their site, sensing a trend yet? They offer live streaming, in-play betting, amazing promotions and the works. Players who go with this site won’t have to make bets to watch the matches though for their live streams. William Hill offers them free of charge, a wide variety of them anyway. Unfortunately, the reason that they have become so unpopular in the world of betting is because they have lowered their welcome bonus for new players. However, they still are a really great site to go with for betting on Tennis games.


For those that love the live streaming option, Unibet is yet another of the Tennis betting sites that offers players the opportunity to see the action that they are betting on live. They have started to grow their empire, or become more popular, thanks to their Unibet TV feature. This feature even lets players know when their games are playing. They also offer a money-back on first bet loss for players that are new to their accounts and many other great promotions.